AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

God's Game

Death and misery intertwine,
As I grow to hate the hour of nine.
Tears are so foriegn, yet they fall,
Each time God drops another ball.
The balls of life are slipping through his hands,
As the souls of the lost drift into distant lands.
He wins his games each day and night,
And everytime he does I am stricken by fright.
There's only so many times a heart can be broken,
And each time, God takes another token.
He's giving me all of this as a test,
To see if I really can be the best.
But the truth is, I lost years ago,
Because the healing of my heart was just too slow.

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Wow, I've missed getting to read your poetry. I've been reading a bunch from here and as always... beautiful. I'm going to keep reading. You're writing is so amazing Amber, it's always so real and so strong. lol, just like you. Love this one very much, love them all! <3