God's Gift

Throughout the history of this earth,
There's been much evil without worth.
But our great God had a wonderful plan
To send His Son, a Savior to man.
Jesus was born on a starry night
To save all men from Satan's plight.
He was born of a virgin by the name of Mary,
To symbolize His perfect purity.
He taught the people to live in harmony
And give to the needy in unselfish charity.
He fed the hungry and healed the sick,
Yet man claimed it was all a trick.
Although the Son of the Heavenly King,
He lived in poverty, a message to bring.
A message of many varied emotions
When we accept God with all devotion.
He died for sins He had nothing to do with,
And covered them with His blood, the perfect gift.
Jesus then rose from the dark cold grace,
For those who believed - their souls to save.
He sent apostles to every nation
To teach of God's love and of salvation.
God could show man no greater love
Than when He sent His Son from above.
Thank you God for sending Your Son,
And the victory over death we have won.
We give to You, God, all our praise
For giving your Son that we might be saved.

by Carol Cline

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