River Ganga- Forever Yours...

Me, river Ganga descended from heaven
Just to serve you all the needy.
I was the purest, you made me sacred.
You prayed me and I blessed you all
For centuries after centuries….

Oh selfish men, later what have you done?
Me, the most polluted Ganga now paying heavily
For your limitless greed, sickening ignorance
Dirty politics……everything, no more tolerance.
I need a fresh breath and wash to survive….

You worshipped me, while exploiting me,
First I laughed and ignored you but not now.
You went on….enough, now you have a bit of me.
I know how to clean up all your shit, here I go….
Come and see me at Uttarakhand, India.

Anyone dare to offer false prayers at my feet?
Don’t worry, I will calm down, once you stop hypocrisy.
You are my beloved child, have to forgive you all,
Look at the holy shrine, symbol of faith…..untouched in flood,
Standing upright in bright light….never loose hope, have faith.
I am there for you, forever………….Yours Ganga

by Ambrosia Ambrosia

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