AG (06/04/1992 / Venice)

God's Good Bell

You sank your claws
into my fragile mind.
My skin wretched,
pain and lust
gushing out of me
in form of bursting tears.
Bewildered eyes staring fiercely
into your inner soul.
Would you kill me?
Would you relieve my pains?
Extirpate that disease usually called
I've always thought there was no LOVE in me,
but how can there be hatred
and despair
and suffering
if there's no LOVE?
How can you feel the hellish fingers
of naked disdain
clutching your bare throat
til chocking death
molds you in a hollow man
if there's no LOVE?

You're making pirouettes
between my banks of love and death.
A bees that bounces
from flower to flower to flower
stealing pollen.
The petals are now rotten,
the blossom will never be
the etoile of a bunch of flowers.
A blindlove man will never donate it
to his blindlove woman.

Oh, God's good bell has tolled! !
The time has come, better go! !

by Alex Grove

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