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God's Grace
(November 25,1988 / Pensacola)

God's Grace

Poem By Baby Blue

Oft’ I’ve sat and wondered
About the grace I’m given,
Brought forth from God’s hand,
And sent down to me from Heaven.

I am awed each day
The power of God’s great Love.
And the gracious forgiveness
Coming to me from above.

I stand here in my wretched filth
As you call me to Your Perfect Plan.
I stumble and fall my way through life;
But wander back to Thy Hands.

Oh Thou hast loved me
All the days of my life
And all I can do is say thank You,
And wait till You return for your wife.

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Comments (5)

I'm an athiest so I don't believe in any gods but I did like the use of old english in it not bad at all
Wonderful poem...but do you really think God's grace is real...if you do maybe you could teach me about it, because I'm not real sure that it is...or maybe he just needs to show it to me...anyways once again great poem.
Such a beautiful poem! I love that God can use your words to show others of His Grace. I loved it. :) 10+ keep writing. :)
How grateful you are to God is beautifully expressed in your poem. I enjoyed reading it.
Poetry is a nice, personal way to connect with God. I do it myself. I'd rather write my own thoughts to God than use a canned church prayer, tho to each her/his own. You call yourself 'wretched' but I think God sees the best in you. Nice poem, thanks.