BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

God's Grace And Mercy

God’s Grace and Mercy work hand in hand in Christ, who came to serve,
It is because of His Mercy, we do not receive what we truly deserve.
And it’s by God’s Grace; we do receive what we do not truly deserve.
This eternal message of Hope is to be preached until all have heard.

Our fallen nature deep within, creates a propensity for all to sin,
The effect from all our sin has been a filling of God’s indignation.
And what we deserve because of sin is God’s Righteous Condemnation.
All because God is Pure within and can not coexist with wicked sin.

Sin has a price that must be paid and our sins on Christ were laid,
The wages of sin is death my friend and this was Jesus’ earthly end.
God prepared a body for Him so Christ could die to take away our sin.
He who had no sin was made sin for us and then He died on the cross.

With an impossible task for us to face, God sent to us Saving Grace,
With man facing eternal death Jesus spoke this with His dying breath,
“It is finished! ” As He served a dying world what we didn’t deserve,
He came into this world of strife so that we could gain Eternal Life.

Jesus did not deserve to die, but my friend, He did it for you and I.
He left a Majestic Throne on high coming to earth so we wouldn’t die.
Becoming a curse for you and me, Christ pardoned our sin at Calvary,
And only through Him can we live in Heaven with God through Eternity.

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