God's Grace Our Choice

The Grace of The Almighty God has appeared to all men on the earth,
His Grace helps us to turn from all godlessness through a New Birth.

But many have turned His Gracious gift, His wonderful Gift of Grace,
Into a godless amoral life filled with wicked sin and utter disgrace.

But, Eternal God above is not deceived and won't be mocked at all,
For Eve who gave no thought to Satan's deception lead Adam to fall.

Solomon's words, there is nothing new under the sun, seem to resound,
As people today are being told a Biblical God just can not be found.

Instead they are being told to seek the little god found only within,
This is again a fatal decision and points back to man's original sin.

This message is being spouted by those, who believe they are strong,
Their cry is you don't need to find God, He's been in you all along.

This is today's New Age message, that isn't really that new at all,
Again, Satan first preached this in The Garden, back at Adam's fall.

For many the foolishness of this new thinking may not be very clear,
As Wisdom only comes to those who seek The Lord with a holy fear.

This fear is actually reverence towards God, which today is ignored,
However without His Grace and Holiness, no man will see The Lord.

A lack of Godly reverence in your life is something you can't afford,
For all men since God's Grace appeared, will stand before The Lord.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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