B: Xxxxxxvi: Naughtiness On The Side

Antisthenes Agnostes,
ex 'Proudest in Hell',
anticipating ease in suffering
from new king suffering worse,
avidly rowed past sufferers
known to king Don Juan,
who was pondering above the wake:
I am not surprised
I am here for pride.
I am, to have to share with them.
Damn! I wasn't proud enough
to get them into heaven.
They had time for naughtiness.
Damn! this last boat ride.

by Douglas Scotney

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A poem which after nearly 150 years of further degradation of the earth and spirit, still lifts my hopes and encourages me.
It is so ghatia
The poem deserves a better reader! Is that a robot? so sad to miss such an opportunity!
The world is charged with the grandeur of God, but man in all of his strivings has wrecked upon nature much destruction, and yet nature is never spent. A wondrous contemplation of God, man and nature.
this is so great i love it :)
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