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God's Hands

I have worried about the things,
In which that I cannot control
Which causes me so much pain
And so much strain upon my soul.
Friends and family tell me not to worry
About the things I cant do anything about
So finally I agree to them one and all
And with the devil, I have fought my last bout.
I realized I cannot control the hatred
Nor more can I control sins or lying
These are worries that I think about
Also along with sadness and crying.
As we all live in our lifetime
So many problems will head our way
Some that we are the master of
And some which will make us feel betrayed.
So as I have my own problems
Which all of course they are man made
By evil and sins that are created daily
And someday there memories will all fade.
I cannot control the weather
Whenever it rains or when it storms
I cannot control the way people act
Even though they have been fore warned.
I cannot tell any person how to act
Or can I tell them please not to sin
These are worries I keep in my soul and heart
As a new day for me will always begin.
So I will say these last words
As I will make this one last stand
I will leave all those worries to someone else
As I will leave them all, Into GOD’S hands.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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