OH ( / Bassett, Arkansas)

God's Help

God helps the weary traveler
Along the lonely road
He helps the heavenly laden
Carry their heavy load The drunkard and gambler
All loaded down with sin
If they will only ask him
The Lord will let them in The dopehead and the murderer
When loaded down with dope
Can get Gods help by asking
When they reach the end of their rope So what I am really saying
No matter what your sin
You can solve your problem easily
By inviting the Lord to come in When everyones problems are dumped
In a heap at the feet of our Lord
Altho the heap is tremendous
There will be no discord The Lord will sort the problems
And handle them one by one
He offers help and comfort
To every mothers son If you are tired of your problems
And living a life of sin
Put them all behind you
And let the Lord come in

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