God's Highest Willingness


Lord always keep before our eyes
The memory of Your sacrifice
Keep it in that secret part
The hidden man of our heart
We shall never live again
As if Your death was in vain
But as fresh manna everyday
God's highest willingness
We shall pray!

Not a thought, or word, or deed
Will ever diminish a heartfelt need
But an endeavorment to do what's right
Must live in men who've seen the Light
Tears not generated by us alone
But by the Spirit which in us groans
As We move amongst men, day by day
God's highest willingness
We shall pray!

Pray for a passion for the lost
They must be won at any cost
Limited time is left to do
The business God has called us to
Shall we faint in this final hour
When we have Omnipotents power
Nay I say! Nay! Nay! Nay!
God's highest willingness
We shall pray!

Copyright April 10,12: 00 p.m.
Gary James Smith

Written after listening to a message by Dr. Robert G. Lee entitled, A prayer of concern..........great message!

by Gary James Smith

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