JBM ( / Seattle, Washington)

God's Holy Paradigm

Alas! The pall of death from torment steals
Through coveted earths steeped in redness:
Carnage is wrought in spectral reels -
The pain of sorrow belies the deadness

God on High will set His great seal
And strike all hate from human sequence
As all lost souls from war reveal
Evils now and past - of Light, its essence.

The future will - From His Holy place -
Bring beauty of peace, abundance from dearth,
While nascent souls pray for grace
Bestowed by Him who gave the earth.

The hourglass for life bleeds down,
Yet grains of hope still grow within
And burgeon anew from Heaven renown
In peace with love - the Holy paradigm.

by James Buckner McKinnon


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