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God's Little Jewels

God's little jewels—These babes, one by one,
As they enter our world—
From the Father, the Son.
Their eyes look around us-But what do they see-
Guarding angels looking over—
The little darlings for thee.
With trusting eyes-This child looks into mine—
Will I be a reflection of God's love divine?
Or will I take the light - From little eyes I see,
Turn it to darkness, and fear, with cruelty!
This child who is placed within my care -
Will I take hold of his hand-as he reaches out—
For someone to be there.
And will I put a smile back upon her face,
The smile that this world is bound to erase!
Will I lead this child in prayer each day
And be thankful my life is blessed in this way?
Will I find time in this busy world that I know
To look in the eyes of this child as he grows,
For at times as his heart cries in pain—
It merely reflects on the eye's-light—a stain.
Will I see the light in her eyes shine bright
Or covered in pain as she cries in the night?
"GOD"S LITTLE JEWELS" sent from above,
To brighten my world - A daily touch of His love.

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