God's Love

Behold the singing of the birds,
the whistling of the leaves;
behold the rushes of the sea -
the love of God proclaim.

Behold the tender gentle breeze,
the clashing thunder's sound;
behold the roaring of the beast -
the love of God proclaim.

Behold the rising of the sun,
the showers of the rain;
the smiling of the moon at night -
the love of God proclaim.

The pains and tears that come our way,
the troubles that we bear;
our cross they are to carry
and follow in Christ's steps.

The joy and gladness that we have,
the laughter that we share,
are signs of greater things above,
when God Himself we see.

by Michael Nkwocha

Comments (5)

....... very good one sir!
gods love how can you belive some one who never shows them self loves you or if there realy. so you can love god but i will not he is no master, friend, or father of mine
'The love of God proclaimed', yes indeed; very well put.
breathtakingly beautiful poem about God! ! ! ! ! ! ! if you have time please do read forget your pain and suffering and soldiers heart, would love to hear what you think about them thanks so much and AWESOME POEM! ! ! ! ! !
A marveleously delightful piece; we are surrounded by the love of God always, yet many times we fail to see Him and His glory; and to one day see Him directly will be undescribably in human terms. -Joe