EAH ( / Tarboro, NC, USA)

God's Love

It's bigger than you or I can imagine
His love covers everyone.
No one is left out.
It makes you give when you think there's nothing
to give,
It will give you a warm hug when you think there's none to receive.
It will show you a smile when you got a frown,
It will give you a friend when you're left alone.
It will lift you up when you are burdened down
And your load will be lighter.
It will cover you with a blanket of calmness when
fear comes to your door,
It will bring out peace when trouble draws near,
God's love. . .
We don't deserve it,
But he freely gives it.
Makes no difference who you are,
He gave up all that we might receive.
No one can give more,
No one can love more.
No price tag can be placed on God's love,
You can't buy it,
He gives it.

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