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God's Message
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God's Message

Make a sound,
I will hear all.
Make a mistake,
I will see you fall.
Make your face wet with tears,
I will sense your pain.
Make a cry for help,
I will stop the thunder, the rain.
When you make the sound,
Do you hear my reply?
When you make a mistake,
Do you see me cry?
But even when hurt, i will not leave you,
I will catch you when you stumble.
And with you embedded in my arms,
Your world will cease to crumble.
My love for you is never-ending,
I'll wipe away your tears.
Even when it seems hopeless,
I'll defeat those fears.
I've carried you,
While you could not walk.
I've carried on speaking to you,
When you were to broken to talk.
but yet again,
when you are back on your feet,
You walk away,
Thinking you are complete.
Soon you will make the sound,
And i will hear.
Soon you'll realize,
I'm the one who will always love you, always be there, always be near.

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you handled your poetic biznez very well...................................................