God's Miraculous Healing!

God Bless! and Thank You!
For being there, When things became a scare
God Bless You! For You and other Believers
Who came together with me in Prayer
Over my Child's Healing
God Works in Ways we can not see
Just knowing God is there, Is a Relief
Then when we all come together
In the Power of Prayer and Belief
Miraculous Healing takes place, By God's Grace
Now my Child is doing Great!
God Bless You for Your Partake!
Even though you didn't know my Child or me
You still came together, to set her Free!
Now it's shown, Victory is found
When all the Believers gather around
and come together in Prayer, in any Town
Jesus is in the Midst of Them
Just waiting to hear, to answer our Prayers
Come Fellowship With Jesus! God Answers!

by Patricia Martin

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