God's Name

I think that it's blasphemous and a shame
When people destroy and kill in God's name,
"God has sent us to kill"! many did roar
"And because of God, we are here now for war".
We'll spill innocent blood and then give God praise
One day sacrilegious souls will feel that fiery blaze,
Whenever the hate of our memories are lit
We always pray to God to forgive and to help fix it.

God, is not ever asleep nor is he dead
But, his story is forgotten or many times unread,
Whenever we seek blood or our pride is bruised
God's words and teachings is always abused.
I think that God should contact every slanderous person and nation
And then sue them all, for religious defamation,
We'll kill and steal and destroy and God's always to blame,
Maybe that's why God, has never told us his first name.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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