God's Poetry

Poem By Willem VanVoorthuysen

To give and gratefully respond
to beauty, love and tenderness,
to lose yourselves, but gain
a truer, greater and, finally,
a timeless new identity...

To share in life-long voluntary bond
the precious rhymes and rhythms of life,
the surging tides of joy and pain,
the laughter and the tears,
the bitter and the sweet...

You must, together, read every stanza
that God, our Masterpoet wrote
for you, dear bride and groom, to live!

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nice poem. keep thinking good.

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Real Men Don'T Cry

Since you went home, days turned to weeks
and weeks to months, and I'm still crying, at the sight,
the touch, the smell of things that once were yours,
and feeling lonely, even when surrounded

Tower Of Baghdad

One day, an angel will appear and take
those cool dark glasses from your eyes,
the mask that hides your creeping fear
that gold, nor sweat, nor persuasion,

My Beloved

Her lovely charms display the humble splendor
of pearly sea shells on a windward shore,
a fragile beauty, simple yet sublime
in gracious and serene surrender

P.O.W.'s Dreams

So, what if yesterday
our world was full of joy, but
tomorrow looms like this prison wall,
repulsive, hostile, cold and grey...

Dream-Built Shelter

I am ashamed, my sweetheart, to confess that
this earthly shell of mine still deeply yearns for yours...
I fear this hidden tremor may turn into a major heartquake,
unless your gentle spirit surrounds and soothes me