God's Precious Beauty

The flowers in my garden have poked their pretty heads
Up through the soil and stand majestic in their little flower beds
The colors are so exquisite and their sweet fragrance is divine
I see yellows pinks and lavender all standing in a line.
The crocus and the daffodils the iris and the rose
The tulips and the peonies send sweet perfume to my nose
The burning bush the lilac tree their beauty's beyond compare
Fill my yard with awesome splendor as they stand adorned so fare.
The grass is emerald green now and the trees are standing tall
Filled with budding leaflets dressing branches big and small
The Robins have returned now and us they fly on high
They fill the air with their sweet song the Robin's lullaby
As I stand spellbound in wonder at the beauty that I see
In the flowers trees and birds that I know God made for me
I know if God dresses these creations in the splendor I behold
I can't wait to get to heaven and walk through streets of purest Gold

by Lee-Anne D. McGrath

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