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God's Rage
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

God's Rage

God's Rage

Bread of life; Bread of life
Only you can prevent the strife.

How do they look at a sunset or sunrise
Then take a weapon and slay a child as if a surprise.

How can they smell and touch the sweet earth
To pull the trigger and kill someone of human worth.

How can they kiss and hug another
To fire a missile and destroy a Mother.

How can they not know or be aware
That God will judge them; I swear.

How can they dropp the fire from the sky
To destroy the babies; God's spirit really does cry.

How can they close their eyes even into time
To destroy their own continuity including mine.

Who set up this cruel and inhuman stage
To inflict and turn God's love into rage?

Bread of life; Bread of life; only you can save
Only you can stop; the march to the grave.

I implore you to save the children of this earth
As we need them to save us unto eternal worth.

10-04-05 Aho Speaks

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