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God's Rainbow
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God's Rainbow

Poem By Florence G. Boman

Oh! What a mundane world this would be
If all the people were white
God in his wisdom knew that this wasn't right
So he gave us the pleasure of many colors,
But deep in our souls we are sisters and brothers
Beneath our skins we are all the same
We all love and hate and feel joy and pain
If we all love each other, this much I know
We will blend together like God's Rainbow.
So let your hearts reach out to each other. Watch that Old Devil Depart The Devil is stealing your soul, my friend
He gets a little closer each time you sin,
He tempts you with alcohol, drugs, and sex
Your troubles come fast, you are under a hex
You feel that there is no end in sight,
You toss and turn there is no sleep at night,
When he is ready to take complete control
and claim you as his own both body and soul
You had better get down on your knees and pray,
Call on the name of Jesus, hear what I say!
Repent of your sins, take him into your heart.
Now watch the old deveil depart.
The Beginning Of The End This is the beginning of the end
Of this old world so full of sin
God is coming soon to take his own
To live with him in his heavenly home.
There will be no pain or sorrow there
Just love and peace with those who care
No heart aches or teardrops will fall from our eyes,
Just praying and singing "Where one never Dies"
We will hear the laughter of children at play
And praise God they are safe from abuse everyday.
So while there is still time to repent of your sins
Open your heart and let Jesus come in,
Then you will be sure of your home in the sky
With God and your loved one, "Where one never Dies."

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