God's Secret Splendour!

It is the sunrise once again - that special moment when
The light of heaven warms the morning flowers!
The chorus of the sparrows flies round and round like arrows
In celebration of the dawning hours!
Plants with petals open wide in thanks for heat supplied,
And fragrance fills the very air itself!
City gents are on the march with shirtsleeves full of starch -
All business-like and on-the-look for wealth!
Young children, with a yawn, greet each new day with scorn -
With school, perhaps, the first thing on their minds!
The family pets awake! (Let them out for goodness sake!)
And so, you see, each brand new day unwinds...
Town gossips start to call, and give their very all,
As soon as they can sit beside a phone!
The pilgrims start to pray, petitions to relay,
And God gets an earache when the grim ones moan!
How few have seen the splendour of sunrise soft and tender -
Unparalleled in Nature’s vast array!
Late nights are our excuse - that’s why so many choose
To snooze and snooze and snooze... past break of day...

by Denis Martindale

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