God's Sure Word In The Light Of Uncertainty

Why do people, who say we know Jesus, say almost nothing my friend?
As we read the words of Jesus, as He describes the signs of the end.

If many people simply don't know what The Bible says about the end.
Why do Christians, who can share this truth, stay so quiet my friend?

When war becomes certain with danger and judgment clearly on the way,
Why do Christians filled with the knowledge of God, play Jonah today?

The sound of war is not far away with God's Judgment not far behind,
So today we must share Prophetic Light, with the spiritually blind.

As the sound gets even closer and hearts begin to fill with despair,
All God's people must speak up, with Good News, only we can share.

And with God's Word, it's up to us to say His Judgment is on its way,
And knowing The Way, why would we choose to be the Jonahs of today?

The next event on God's Prophetic Clock is the Rapture of The Church,
But to experience this event, one must first experience a new birth.

Let's hold up the Prophetic Word as a light shining in a dark place,
So others can understand and also choose His Sure Word to embrace.

My friend, with God's Word in hand we need to help others understand,
God's fulfillment of age old prophecies could very well be at hand.

And friend, the sounds of war as we know them will truly never cease,
Until God of all Creation puts all His enemies under Christ's feet.

(Copyright © 03/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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