God's Uplifted Hand

For most of Her history, by many nations Israel has truly been hated,
Sure it looks bleak, but the will of The Lord will not be frustrated.

For this little tiny nation in the Middle East is not just any land,
This is the very land promised by God to the descendants of Abraham.

And God promised to bless and or curse those that bless or curse you,
This is something that God has always done and will continue to do.

Israel is so special to God that in the Bible God calls Her His Wife,
This special endearment through the years has caused Her much strife.

But after being delivered from Egypt, their faith gave way to fears,
This is the reason that they wandered in the desert for forty years.

After all the faithless died in the desert, The Lord again drew near,
And after The Lord defeated two kings, the nations shook with fear.

After Moses had died the leadership was passed to Joshua with Caleb,
For these are the two men who did not cower and were allowed to live.

Now Joshua was used in a mighty way, following God's Uplifted Hand,
And three days later Joshua began the capture of God's Promised Land.

In five years Joshua captured much of the land through God's means,
Later some of the land still to be taken was that of the Philistines.

Now three thousand years later the Philistines are back in the land,
However God will redeem all of Israel with His own Uplifted Hand.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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