God's Will Can Not Be Frustrated

The Eternal will of Almighty God can not and will not be frustrated,
For only The Lord eternally existed long before anything He created.

God's perfect will is for all to come to The Lord Jesus and be saved,
However, many choose to live in darkness in a world that's depraved.

And these men choose to live their lives totally on their on accord.
For they have been given a freewill by a Gracious Sovereign Lord.

This same Grace, however, has been afforded to all men on the earth,
And some wisely choose to follow Jesus and experience a new birth.

Just as the fallen angels were cast out of The Lord's Holy presence,
In the end God's will is to completely dispel all of man's darkness.

Jesus Christ followed His Father's will to the cross where He died,
As He fulfilled God's will for you and I, it is finished was His cry.

His death accomplished redemption for all; for it's not just a story,
And after He purged the world of sin is now with His Father in Glory.

With Christ as our example, as He followed God's will to the cross,
We need to sacrifice our own lives daily, as we seek to win the lost.

And for all those who trample under foot the Grace of Almighty God,
Judgment is given to Jesus, when He returns with His Staff and Rod.

Only Judgment for unbelievers but Eternal Blessing for all those won,
God's total will shall be accomplished by Christ Jesus His only Son.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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