God's Wonderful People

What are friends? They're everlasting treasures,
Who share your dreams, your sorrows and pleasures.
They stand by your side in times of trouble
And join in your happiness to make it double.
Friends are sunshine, friends are fun,
They are a must for everyone.
They know when your spirits are low,
But to cheer you up they're not the least bit slow
They are understanding and sometimes leave you alone
And wait for you to come to your own.
But once you become merry again,
Things never remain the same
The private talks, the nonsensical chatter
When you think of the same thing
And laugh for no matter.
There is no limit to fun when friends are around
Together, you turn the world upside down.
So whether they're old-fashioned or 'mod',
Friends are the most beautiful gift from God.

by Geeta Pupala

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