God's Word Is Powerful

Poem By Donna Lee Womack

The power of God's Word is infinite;
it gives life to raise the dead.
A covering of protection that is
placed upon your head.

God's power works in His Word;
It's quick, and abides forever.
His Words are illogical, beyond and above,
and very much so clever.

Nothing can resist His power
when received into the heart;
Once we learn the art of receiving,
that is only the start.

All spiritual life comes through it!
It comes in you then and now.
Spirit of Boldness; of Righteousness;
Remember it is what we allow.

A choice to speak the truth;
A lie is not worth a dime;
A choice to do good or evil;
A choice made for a lifetime.

The Word is God; The Words of the Lord;
and by Him the heavens were made;
for He spoke and it was done for time;
so don't let it drift or fade.

Don't stop for life, remain in tact;
Relax and have some fun; but...
God's business requires haste you see;
so run Saints run, run, run.

Inspired by: (Psalm 33: 6,9) (I Peter 1: 23) (I Thessalonians 2: 13)

Comments about God's Word Is Powerful

An awesome poem Donna, a delightful read indeed! ! *10*! ! Best wishes, Friend Thad
wow, very powerful message. i enjoyed reading it. thanks

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