God's World

Bubbly clouds strut along in
a haven of soft sparkling blue,
their bodies plump, massive white,
feathery light.

Sunlight streams in through the cloud curtain,
She grazes past and sashays down
Into the sea of blue then sails further along
to the pending earth below.

Big oak leaves dance in approval,
Swaying in synch with the supple branches.
Harmonious hummingbirds perch lightly,
their song conducting a heavenly melody.

Little children play gleefully on the asphalt,
their modest brains taking in a school day’s work.
They switch from game to game, friend to friend;
all different colours like Skittles in a pack.

The shy teenage girl learns to speak up,
The boy with the once poor grades goes to college,
A child with cancer is given the gift of remission,
free to roam the earth as they choose.
The boy out on the streets passes drugs
and life in prison,
finding himself safely at the door of a nearby church.

A fresh day brings newly-weds a life together,
Years later, another head pops in the equation,
a beautiful life to behold.
The husband gets a promotion at work,
The wife glows with appreciation and love,
The new child gurgles blissfully.

God views his handiwork,
The sun bathes his back,
His smile lights up the heavens
As he gazes down in recognition,
Cradling the sphere of the world
In his strong hold.

by Alexandra Yeboah

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Comments (2)

A wonderful piece of God's plan and creation. Write more!
Very cool, Alex! I'm looking forward to reading many more like this..