God Said...

God said
'Let there be light'-
And he flipped the switch,
Making the world bright.

God said
'Let there be an expanse'-
And he wrenched apart
the heavens.

God said
'Let the waters above and below gather'-
And the waters magically
Did as they were told.

God said
'Let there be veggies'-
The future vegetarians rejoiced
along with the hippies.

God said
'Let there be a sun and moon'-
And there was day and night
And the Twilight saga.

God said
'Let there be sea creatures'-
And all went swimmingly...
But then there was Jaws.

God said
'Let them have children'-
HE obviously didn't forsee
their parents eating them.

God said
'Let there be land animals'-
And there was peace among them
Until P.E.T.A. showed up.

God said
'Let there be man'-
And man ruled and was happy
Until God created woman.

God said
'Let them be fruitful'-
Adam and Eve had two sons.
Too bad Cain killed Abel.

God said
'Let my creation be yours'-
But they fell into sin
And messed all that up.

God said
'Boy, am I tired! '-
And took a nice long nap
On his heavenly hammock.

God said
Alot of things that week
Before he could say:
'Sit down, let's feast! '

by Sabrina Sixx

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