God Says Love.

My neighbour's big tree is just beside my fences
And has a lot of leaves
During, ah..when the wind blows
I love to keep my yard clear of leaves
I am done with all the trees I planted
Because they produce so much leaves, I cut them one by one
Away with all the trees I love
God says love your neighbour as thyself
Also love your enemies
Love the unlovables
Like God, love is good
God I pray teach me how to handle love..

by Sy Wong ...

Comments (3)

Fine and lofty verse written with clarity of thought and mind. Beautiful rendition on love nicely crafted with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Sy.
Dear Madam, Love is the greatest gift from above. Love without boundary and limitation. Love the unlovable beyond your eyes.. SIncerely, diane
Love your nieghbour and his tree :)