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God Says
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

God Says

'Twas early morning at the Holy Vatican,
the Pope was making rounds of his small kingdom
Most of the rooms were lavishly appointed
with oriental rugs on all the floors and walls,
and golden trinkets for few eyes to see.

The smell of freshly roasted coffee from the kitchen,
and many cooks in culinary mode,
they stepped through solid portals now, with fourteen locks,
it said GOD'S TREASURY and had electric doors.

It was astonishing, this image of a volume
that filled the halls and corridors up to the ceiling.
And rubies, amethyst, and opal, also paintings,
and silver coins, fine nuggets and big bars of gold.

Their guide was elderly, a cardinal with giant belly,
he pulled the hand-carved easy chair up for his master
and waited patiently for him to settle back and smile.
'These 60 billion here, my disciples, we are the envy,
but it is fitting that our Lord would be our God.
And as we serve him he takes care of our flock,
God will abandon no one who believes and fears.'

Returning now, the locks in place once more,
the dining room had offerings aplenty.
The hunchback secretary had followed, bearing papers,
and now reminded of the press releases due.

'Just show them God's appeal today, and make it global.
Each woman, man, all children of this Earth
will need to give by reaching deep into their pockets,
there is much poverty in many distant lands.
And God insists all men shall help their brothers,
and we will pray for givers and for takers.
And tell them God is good and man needs to be humble.'

And then they prayed, led by the Pope in silken robe,
to thank the Lord for all his generous bounty.
And praise be mumbled over plates not for the poor.

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Not much more that I can say that you haven't already. Well done!
It is known in certain circles that a very strong 'influence' from the Vatican re-assured Hitler & Co. but what is less known is the proven fact that the vast majority of Nazi big shots able to escape at the end of the war (Mengele comes to mind) solely through the help from the Vatican. They did not spend a lot of money, if any, though, they just laundered the bundles of loot coming in. Unfortunately, Switzerland also did not cover herself with glory, as the Swiss banks declared millions as their own money the very moment the rightful owner(s) had been confirmed gassed. It probably would be going too far if one accused the Swiss of being heavily influenced by this apparent conflict of interest, let's suffice it to say that they did not go and pull out gold teeth of the deceased. Sorry about the subject. Wait 'til you hear my version of why Hitler 'hated' the Jews. H
all the wealth the Pope sits on is blood money; coins stacked like bodies. some claim Hitler attacked the Jews at the behest of the Church. honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. Jake
My Uncle Siegmund says that critics of God/The Church usually reveal what they themselves dearly covet. It's usually wealth or power. Or of course it could be Judgment or a sharp tongue with disbelievers in their own creed. I just mention this as your favourite hassler seems to be off duty... But witty - yes I'll give it witty...and sincere - yes I'll give it sincere...and justified -yes I'll give it justified... and no, I'm not defending religion. God forbid. So to speak.
Cheekily observed and made me chuckle. Thanks, I REALLY enjoyed this.
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