God Sees A Man

I need not to wear boots to help me stand
I need not tattoos to prove who I am
I need not support to reach out my hand
As I know GOD knows, that I am a man.
I need not fashionable clothes for me to wear
I need not to color or hide my hair
I need not to be ashamed to say a prayer
As GOD knows I am a man, standing there.
I need not to lie or ever to cheat
I need not to fill my mind with sins or deceit
I need a righteous life to be my greatest feat
Then GOD will know I am a man, when we do meet.
I need to always put my family first
I need to give out love and never lash out hurt
I need to let honestly to be my final search
And GOD will know then another man on this earth.
I need never to put the blame on anyone else
I need not to be them but to be myself
I need not to be ashamed to give out help
And I know GOD will not let a man, fall into hell.
I need not to take anything which is not mine
I need not to break any vows or create a crime
I need to understand life is but a short time
And GOD will know a man, will be in judgements line.
I need to understand the words I speak
I need to understand for a lost soul I must weep
I need to learn that strength is also with the weak
And I know that GOD someday this man, he will greet.
I need not to say I cannot but that I can
I need to be an example so all will know who I am
I need from evil to stay away and withstand
And GOD I know will see me, as that I am a man.

by Randy McClave

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Its good to have faith, a good poem. A great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Witnesses Of Justice.