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God Showered You With Roses

God showered you with roses
The day that you were born
Every color of the rainbow
Each with purpose and meaning
Nothing more or nothing less
Just simply the very best

God showered you with a lavender rose
the day that you were born
A symbol of love at first sight
Pleasing to His eyes
He knew the works in you

Then a red rose was placed by your side
Symbolizing love, respect, courage, and passion
that you now hold inside

Next the deepest red rose
He could find
To reveal your unconscious beauty

Delicately placed He put
a red and white rose together
Signifying unity
To Him you would be true

He couldn't forget the orange rose
He knew you would have
enthusiasm, desire, and fascination
As all true women of God do

Right next to that He lay the coral rose
To strengthen those desires

He gave you the palest pink rose
for admiration, gentleness
grace, gladness
joy and sweetness

Deep pink came next
To say Thank You!
Before you even started your life's quest
He knew you would try your very best

And He didn't forget the single white rose
Expressing purity, heavenly secrecy,
Silence, innocence and charm
All those you still possess
from your first day in His arms

One last rose He left
for me to give again
He gave you the Yellow rose too
And I give you one that makes two
A symbol of joy and gladness
of friendships meaning....

So for your day of your birth
that must have been quite a bouquet
place around you that day
You can ask any of your friends
and we would all say
all qualities we still see
in you today

Happy Birthday Meggie
hugs from lil sis

© 2008 (All rights reserved)

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Comments (4)

this is the sweetest poem ever. this is amazing purely soulful
thanks a lot lil sis, for this honor. I am back again here, even if i have been humiliated in this site. Try to move on..thanks again.
Beautiful write! ! ! You have exteme talent
Joanne, this is pure poetic grace...and aheart-warm dedicational to a 'ell uv a gal! Good to see you on-line, this Election night! fjr