DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

God The Devil Are In Fact Me

Here comes the fire, one so unstable
I know it chasing racing and killing me in pain,
But yet no-one is talking there just walking on by
I raise a voice and the police come cuff me again

There’s no desire in the eyes of my captives, to help or head a warning,
Encage me and my ills, yeah that will work, then you’ll release me and I never forget a face, tormented by my ills in a cell block, I'm out I’m free I’m now a killer coming for thee

Tick-tock tick-tock,
Time can run out,
This could be the greatest of wasted lives
This heart and mind is on fire,

Back of the ally where the dealers make pay
But this is my field, you led me astray
Caught up in a corner as the blues and sirens play
My head not mine reviving now to you do you feel like your dying

What ca we say, we hot as a fever
With no home, no hope just woe, I’m still the greatest
Yes the greatest,
Enhanced by the day you’re slain

My evil presence sent to you by god
He saw what transpired, with a grip of a divine hand, thrown now you are to the fires and in the fires you’ll forever remain

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