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God, Universal, Holy, Living, Loving, Fair, Creator, One
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

God, Universal, Holy, Living, Loving, Fair, Creator, One

Poem By AHO Speaks

God, Universal, Holy, Living, Loving, Fair Creator, One

God knows our weakness and also our sin
God will make us strong for a new time to begin.

God will take care of us even unto the end
God is really not our god; but a dear, dear, friend.

God is everything good that we come to know
God is the forgiveness for the sins we do sow.

God is not only a commandment but also a touch
God is within and without and loves us; very, very, much.

God is not just for a prescribed time
God has always been and always will be; yours and mine.

God was before the beginning of time and never to deceive
God was the God of both Adam and also Eve.

God is not just fear, punishment or anger
God would never treat its children as a stranger.

God does not give more to one than another
God is the creator of the universe and there is no other.

God's will has already been done
God is a gift of choice for every daughter and son.

God wants us to be fair and share with those in the river of life
God wants us to be participants and give without strife.

10-12-05 Aho Speaks

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what a modern view of an omnibenevolent God- this is very refreshing ot hear and brings God to a personal level. some awkward rhymes here though, i always have this problam once i've started writing in couplets and end up cutting loads out.