God Was Listening

Who said God wasn't listening
When we all cried in pain
He was listening carefully listening
And was waiting till again
We'll pack all of our troubles
And carry this huge pile
And knock at Lord's door
To get the gift of smile
He loves us and to show this
He puts us through hard tests
And when we feel distress
He gives us what is best
Lord has His own nice ways
And to show how much He cares
He tells us to hold His hands
So we feel safe in His care
So if someone just stops praying
Thinking that the God wasn't listening
Then tell them they are wrong
As Lord was only waiting
Till we packed all our troubles
And carried this huge pile
And knock at the Lord's door
To get the gift of a smile.

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (5)

God IS always listening, but He responds in HIS TIME and not in ours, so we have to be patient. So good to have you amongst PoemHunters, dear Seema, I just found you today, by chance. I have never known you are here too and that since 2006. WOW! Your words in all your poems are so admirable. POETFREAK had gone and POEMHUNTER does still exist. Thank you for sharing, Seema. God's Blessings in Abundance, Sylvia Tjan, Evangelist AKA Sylvia FC. I give this a TEN (10)
Great poem! Your many poems are wonderful.
Yes Seema a total surrender to God is what is needed. Very well said. sathya narayana
Absolutely great and right! God be with you for ever!
GOD, i dont have a problem with, its mean peaple...................................