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God Will Finish All He Started
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

God Will Finish All He Started

Christ will finish in you tomorrow, what He has started in you today,
And even in the midst of sorrow, He will take you to a brighter way.
Remember that God’s tomorrow, could be years or in just one day,
You’ll come through the sorrow, when you reach His ultimate way.

My friend, whatever God does start, The Lord God indeed will finish,
And all that sorrow in your heart; that my friend, God shall diminish.
Then Eternity, that He will start, for you my friend, it will never finish,
And the Eternal Joy in your heart, from The Lord, it will not diminish.

This present world is not our home, for we are on our way to Eternity,
Though in darkness we now roam, soon Heaven’s Light we will see.
Christ has prepared for us a home, a place to be through all Eternity,
Then in the heavens we can roam, where our Savior shall always be.

Within our hearts we seek above, longing to begin our brand new life,
And it is because of all the Love, of our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ.
Soon with Him we shall be above, as we go forward into Eternal Life,
And remain forever in the Love, and the Eternal Light of Jesus Christ.

Friend, His Love He will not sever, once you’re upon His Eternal List,
And Christ will fill your heart forever, with His Love and Eternal Bliss.
Then this world will truly never, be what you look back onto and miss,
For we will be with Christ forever, surrounded by God’s Eternal Bliss.

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This is a good poem expressing your views, Bob. It is well-written. Raynette
Hey Bob, I think we should do something about all these people who scoff at Islam. We need to find a way to convince them of the Truth – that they will end up in the fires of damnation (or is it eternal darkness?) if they turn their backs on Allah and the teachings of the Koran. Many folks are simply on the wrong path and think any old religion – Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity – will do. They mistakenly believe they’ll be on the express elevator to Heaven when in fact they’ll be on the descending elevator to the basement boiler room of Hades. Hey, wouldn’t that be great if we could put little recorded religious messages on department store elevators? Like, “Third floor, lingerie and a little bit of heaven.” I would put the customer relations department in the basement because it’s a special form of hell.