(22 November / Jakarta, Indonesia)

God Will Ultimately Make All Things Right....

Are we allowed to say yes to these words?
God will ultimately make all things right....
Of course, we may, because God loves us so tremendously much
that He gave us as such
a long life full of ripe fruit and magnificent love
forgiving each other and loving each other peacefully closest to Him above
worshipping the Lord to the utmost brim
then we can truly feel the life as God has meant to be
to live peacefully closest to Him and be loved constantly
God will ultimately make all things right
never ask, just take that and believe His Words
nothing will be absurd
the highest praise and love we heard....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Friday the 19th of January 2018
Yesterday we have had the biggest storm ever,
this is exceptional news, many truck drivers died on the highways because they ignored the government's warnings for the RED Code.
This is the worst storm ever because many roofs of the houses are flung away by the mighty storm.
Pedestrians are pushed away from their bikes, their bikes are scattered on the streets.
My terrace-chairs were pushed into a corner towards the hedge, very strong hedge, I still remember the most expensive price I paid for this green hedge, but now I realized: it is this worth!

by Sylvia Frances Chan

Comments (2)

God will ultimately make all things right never ask, just take that and believe His Words.....priceless expression, a sublime piece of work..Thanks for sharing!
You are absolutely right, Sylvia. I totally agree with you. Beautifully crafted write that echoes a total faith in God. I loved all the lines, they were all written divinely. May our Lord bless you in all your endeavors.10