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God Will You Come And Play Today?

As I sit on my swing on this predawn morn and watch the skies.
Turn from one color to the next I get down on my knees.
And I find myself asking God please “will you come and play today”?

After being in a wheelchair for over 8 weeks and now I can walk again..
I think of the time when no one came to help me through, but you Lord..
So I ask again will you come and play today.

Maybe you are too busy and I most certainly understand.
So maybe you could send an angel to lead a helping hand.
I see the person next door to me who can not drive.

Maybe we can go offer her a way to the store to get food once more.
I see someone who can not get out of bed, perhaps a meal is called for.
So I ask once more God can you come and play today there’s work to be done.

There’s dust three inches deep in my own house Lord, but I find I don’t care.
I’ve sat a long time and now it’s time to help the ones who still can not help themselves.
So I ask you Lord will an angel descend from above to help with this labor of love.

You’ve done so much for me Lord, the blessing you have given me our too numerous to count.
It is time now Lord for me to try and repay what I own on this day that you have made.
So Lord once more on bended knee I come to Thee and ask you please will you come and play today.

The birds are singing your praises once more as I sit quietly on my knees and tell you Lord I love thee.
For I feel the presents of your grace and love and you fill my soul with peace on this pre dawn morn.
Will you come and sit for a spell on my swing today as I look for your will on this day you made.

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