God Works In 'Mysterious' Ways

I now think less to have my thoughts assessed better.
I had believed I possessed a process,
To let and enabled me to perceive myself...
With an ability to have many things on my mind,
To give each more than just minutes of my time.
And I found I was irritable, moody and obnoxious.
I have discovered a benefit to this as well, yes.

Upon self examination I began to 'see',
What had made me irritable, moody and obnoxious?
I eliminated 'that' to realize to my surprise,
People believed my activities with them...
Had been getting on my nerves. ('this is great.')
And 'today' I am left to keep more peace,
Than I ever believed I could keep to myself to have.
God works in 'mysterious' ways.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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