God Works Late

Poem By David Keig

He sat down late one star-lit night
And tried to make his plans
God's schedule was demanding
I hope you'll understand
He'd made a promise to himself
One he had to keep
And that was quite ambitious
A world within one week
He'd done lots of calculations
He had a master plan
And the winner in his contest
Was this strangest thing called man
But man was very complex
And he couldn't get him right
He puzzled and he puzzled
Long into that night
Ahah said God triumphant
With a look for once deranged
I won't put him on the earth perfect
I'll give him time to change
So evolution was his strategy
Even if he felt he had
Cheated fundamentalists
Which he felt was rather sad
No worries said our God on high
I have to make things work
Even if they're in my image
There will sometimes be a jerk
That somehow pops up with bad genes
The way that he had chose
For mankind to evolve you see
Like a thorn surrounds a rose
That night he slept a troubled sleep
He had manifold weird dreams
What if his great masterplan
Was not as perfect as it seemed?
He saw the world before him
Some thousand years ahead in time
He looked at what man had become
And he searched into our minds
He looked for that rare goodness
That he had aimed to full infect
This race of God like creatures
Who had made his world a mess
God woke up with a migraine
Though he didn't know the word
He pointed to the middle east
And the first man did occur
But then he hit a problem
That he hadn't counted on
One man in the middle east
Might start to feel alone
To abbreviate this story
About God's holy writ
He rushed the job
He took short cuts
And now we suffer it.

Comments about God Works Late

Hahahahaha....Keig, you're a genius. I have read several of yours, I intend to read the rest, but this one is magnificent, it may just be the best, the way you stretched it out, and played on my emotion, but you couldn't fool us, that read you with devotion, to begin with such sweet innocence, but it could not be, David always pens his poems, sincere at first they seem, the ending's always have a twist, like a crooked smile, to hide an ending such as this, must have taken a while, David is ingenious, of that there is no doubt, to pen about creation, likely offending the devout, but certainly the target, is unlikely to see, our burden is the feminine, and I certainly agree.

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