A Desertion Welcomed

Please desert me disappointing feelings,
You churn out misery.
It twists my heart under my torso,
Like thorns pricking my skin,
Promoting the release of liquid redness.
As his lexis are but shards of lies,
When pieced together form deceit.
But no more should it disquiet me,
Let him return to his sham of a life,
And I shall carry on merrily without qualms,
Never looking back at the blackness of the mist.

by Kristy Artmann

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(God - Poem Or Time and Space! Or shape of Earth, divine and wondrous! Or shape in I myself- or some fair shape, I, viewing, worship, Or lustrous orb of Sun, or star by night: Be ye my Gods. ? ? ? ? Walt, you had me at the beginning, but lost me at the ending.
hail satan, smoke meth, fuck the police