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Vasto Grom (01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


(Sing to 'My Jolly Sailor Bold' from Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

I am in love with a goddess
By her side I'll always stay
Because of this burning love
I will never stray away

My heart burns only for her
And it gets me through the day
If only I were able
To her yes I would pray

I will always stand beside her
No matter what they say
And if any try to harm her
I will stand in their way

My dearly beloved goddess
I will love for all time
The one and only dream I have
Is that I may call you mine

When I hear that you've been crying
I will come to your aid
And when I hear nothing from you
I find myself afraid

Because my love is for you
For you and you alone
And over all these many years
My love for you has grown

For you are my goddess
And I stand here as your guard
Always watching over you
Because I know your life hard

I'm in love my goddess
To protect her I'd gladly die
I'd do absolutely anything
To make sure she'd never cry

I would take on the world
Or even reverse the tide
I'd do all of this and more
To know you would always be fine

For I'm in love with my goddess
A love that will last all of time
And no matters what happens
My dream is always that you will be mine

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Comments (2)

You could not serve a goddess better than you do through this poem. The ballad stanza form is the ideal form for a poem which seems to be about a legendary figure. But if your poem is really a love poem to a real person being praised as a goddess, it still is a declaration of total affection, almost a surrender to the beloved. But as I read it I thought of a third possibility: it is a love poem of a poet addressed to the MUSE, that mysterious figure who blesses us poets with inspiration when we show her proper devotion.
Absolutely Beautiful. Your words reach my very heart and soul. I can feel the love expessed here