Goddess Aphrodite

Upon the bed slept with goddess Aphrodite
Warming heart without limitation
Listen really story, telling by hers beautiful sound
Thought when that time world is wonderful

Some time looker on hers beauty breast after that hers breadth lap
Poured kindness moist bye hers eye along with softly cheeks
She was stepped to the cherry land for plucked red color cherry nut
Fill up hers pink color casket from mini cherry nuts

The son of Zeus he named Hephaestus and god of fire
Fire god who Came to the cherry land and started hugging, kissing
The birds it started to weep, wind is blow away
They not feel it they feel sprit of love

Suddenly, cause waken when mid night past seven minute
Surrounded was really darkness cause looked around phenomenon
The firefly lighten some spatial like a mini star
It was a nice dream although it gives pleasure at the moment

by inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

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