Goddess Guardian Of The Nightmare.

O Mother of love unseen
It seems as though I shall know no love till my muse in my arms
Away from the harm on another plain
I call upon the moon - female energies divine -
Bring me the princess of eternity.

The stars are flickering candlelight
Testament to a time long gone
For upon the canvas of the night
Are sewn for us scriptures lost.

No longer do the stars that shine exist to us
The constellations transforming.

How my heart swells with the thoughts of the past
Sages long forgotten
Men journeying within themselves without boundaries upon his acceptance of reality.
Feeding the beast of the labyrinth calling.

Ecstatic visions empowering

To dream and to believe is to never be deceived.

Through days unsleeping we lay lost to the memory of forgetting
The hours have dissolved into a solution of grim and soulless solitude.
I have not yet set foot beyond the ivory gates of dream time wandering
Yet I am aware of the shadows that fall.

The unseen court parades the night
A thousand spirits rise as demons loose within the child's imagination
Form as Gods within the twilight realm
Dividing dream time reality from the waking consciousness.

I remember the days we used to lay upon the barren fields of winters reign
I remember the games we would play over and over, again and again
And now, years from forgetting here I am regretting that naught has come to pass.

Are we those that forget we are alive?

The elders of the tribe are gathered
Silence breathes heavy on the woodland air.
Darkness stalks the land unforgiving
Enveloping in dank suffocation all that is held precious within the heart of man, .

For twenty years I have grown,
Seeking to know all that can be known
Where are the kings and queens of our kingdoms dream?

by David Lacey

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