Goddess Of The Moon

I'll not forget that awesome night
When I beheld the winsome sight
Of she who held the silvered moon
As though a beach ball caught one June!
The vision I observed was rare
And who was I this dream to share?
Yet there she was, as large as life!
Smiling like a new-made wife!
Adorned like Virgin Mary blessed
And by her touch the moon caressed...
It was as if she saw its worth,
While we just watched it here on Earth...
And merely thought it good as dead,
While she displayed true love instead!
Why should we love the moon at all?
It's hardly worth the time to stall...
It just reflects the sun at night...
And causes tides to move with might...
And gets the poets hooked on love...
And yet I'd ask, is that enough?
Who knows if we will colonise?
For now, her beauty filled my eyes
And bid me stop to tell the tale -
As if I were the only male
To wish upon a distant star,
Then praise the Lord or shout hoorah!
Think of Mary near November!
Mary Christmas in December!
Why should I see a maiden thus?
Reveal such visions or discuss
The Mystic Maiden? Goddess? Friend?
God grant me time... to comprehend...

by Denis Martindale

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