( / Cuttack, Odisha)

Goddess Saraswati

During my school days
my prayer to Goddess Saraswati
limited to
face the examinations
the ritual continued
in my college days also
She took care of me
when I was a student
knowledge limited to text book
I start my life then...
job, marriage and children
for years together
I forgot her
Six years ago
I met her
in the Banamaleeswar temple of Nagercoil
the famous 108kg gold statue of Goddess Saraswati
the Goddess herself came and presented in 2001
Her sight pervading the aura of wisdom
I have seen her in the pink lotus petals
passing through a pond
Saraswati, my Goddess of wisdom
without which can anybody live?
with Her lies my art of decision-making
and with Her blessings I started poetry
the verses of wisdom
for self and others
She is my inspiration
She is my companion
Her image makes me humble
Her sight fills me with wisdom
my words flow at Her command
and She reads my poetry.

by Kishore Kumar Das

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lovely poem on godess of knowledge, be blessed and pray for us too, dear poet, spontaneous ideas, good