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Gods And Men

Of the GODs we all believe
And of men we all know
They rule us when they can’t deceive
With prayers or guns or a bow,
They demand us for our treasures
They command us for our prayer
They condemn us for our pleasures
Do we, or do we not dare.

In the GODs do we all trust
To protect us and give us what we need
Or do we bring them shame and disgust
Planted by a horrible little seed,
Do they need us to worship them
Do they enjoy to see us in despair
Do they laugh when we condemn
Are they, or are they not there.

Of Men we all know
They have brought both guilt and shame
All man wants is to own and sow
And in history he wants his name,
He is the one who gave us war
He is the one that gave the nightmare
He is the one that needs to soar
Do we, or do we not care.

Of the GODS we all hope
And of men we all must accept
That is our extent and our scope
With one we curse and the other we wept,
Both demand to be heard
Both enacts us with visions and sin
Both are reckless and absurd
But this is the world of GODs and men.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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