Gods Bouquet

A balloon flows from a young boys hand

And goes floating toward the sky
He points and jumps to catch the string
And then he starts to cry
His mother try's to soothe his tears
As all the times before
When these colored orbs of air
Would get away and soar
Now she bends to pull him close
To mend his wounded heart
She tells him not to worry
That balloons are never lost

They float and bob and jump around
and to heaven they are tossed
Where waits the hand of Jesus
Who gathers them around
And takes a string of silver
And wraps them till their bound
Then gives them to ST.PETER
To hold, to keep them safe
And when GOD says the time is right
And your standing at his gate
Well, then you'll be greeted
By a big balloon bouquet.

by Mary E. Lewter

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