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Gods Gracious Gift
DJW ( / Wyancloth, Michigan)

Gods Gracious Gift

Poem By Donald Joe Wall

God gave us a Mother to love
she was bless form our Lord above.
Always tending to our needs making our home a nice place too be.
Working hard everyday
yet never complaining in anyway.
Working in her garden all summer through
Preparing meals and for winter too.
Yet always finds the time to sew and mend
Keeping our cloths looking like new.
mother teaches us to always pray
love the lord,
And by the way!
Shares with us when times are good,
Crys with us when times are sad.
A mother prays for us in her own way.
Cares and gives to us more then one can say.
Yet mother is always their with a smile on her face
That would warm you heart on any day.
many times other would say,
Jesus helps me all the way.
As evening would set in mother would be resting on the porch
softly praying to Jesus thanking him for this day,
An singing sweet words of
Old hymn "Mother Way"
An I praise you Lord
For giving a loving
Mother like mine.

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